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Created in under 48 hours by Ian Reichert Watts for Ludum Dare 38 compo

Theme: A Small World

Player controls four trebuchets, defending from an attacking army of beetles. Trebuchets launch balls of dung at approaching forces. Map is a sphere, with player looking down and no camera control. Enemies approach from all sides, first appearing on the world horizon and moving in toward your base. The goal is to prevent the horde from reaching your base at the center of the screen.

WASD / Gamepad Face Buttons - Swap between trebuchets
Mouse / Left Analog Stick - Aim trebuchet
Space / Left Click / Gamepad Right Trigger - Fire
Escape / P - Pause


LD38_BeetleBallistic.7z 73 MB
LD38_BeetleBallisticSource.7z 87 MB

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