A downloadable game for Windows

Rotate 3 dimensions of a tesseract in VR or 2D using a gamepad, motion controllers, or mouse and keyboard.


Rotate Tesseract Pitch
W S / Gamepad Left Stick Y / Gamepad D-Pad Up Down / Vive Left Thumbpad Y

Rotate Tesseract Roll
A D / Gamepad Left Stick X / Gamepad D-Pad Left Right / Vive Left Thumbpad X

Rotate Tesseract Yaw
Q E / Gamepad Triggers Left Right

Toggle between Pitch and Yaw rotations
Tab / Gamepad Left Stick Click / Vive Left Thumbpad Click

Drop and pick up tesseract
Mouse Left Click / Gamepad A / Vive Right Thumbpad Click

Dolly tesseract forward and backward
Mouse Wheel / Gamepad Shoulders Left Right / Vive Right Thumbpad Y

Reset VR view
R / Vive Left Grip

Hold scaled down tesseract for closer inspection
Vive Trigger Left Right

More information

Published6 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags4d, hypercube, Oculus Rift, tesseract, Virtual Reality, vive
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Player countSingleplayer


Tesserot.7z (121 MB)

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