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Hi there! This experience you've made here – the controls and physics are really mesmerizing to play with in VR. It was like therapy, just playing around, watching the tesseract dance before my eyes – literally. It's a simple concept. And I like it a lot. Great work on this.

I work at Mozilla on the Mixed Reality & VR team (, working on WebVR ( and A-Frame ( We're working on the WebGL players for Unity/Unreal Engine to properly support the WebVR API (

We'd be ecstatic and grateful if you're willing to share your game's source code with us — and my colleague and I will do all the hacking and experimenting.

We really want to be able to have good starting examples (and proof!) that with just a few button clicks, you can be loading your Unity/Unreal VR games directly from within your Web browser.

With your permission, we could also use your project as a case-study sample and share it as well on a few of our web sites.

Let me know if any of this sounds of interest to you. My email's cvan<at>mozilla<dot>com, or you can reach me on Twitter, @cvanw. Thank you very much!

Love this! Really helps to visualise potential 4D situations

Hi! I'm able to run this application in my computer's screen, but not in the HTC Vive...any help?

Outstanding app for educational use! Thanks.


Hi Ilrus, it wasn't set to launch in VR mode initially, but I uploaded a new version that does. Alternatively, you can get VR working in the old version by going into the console (press tilde), and entering "stereo on". Hope that helps!